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Vanessa Guillen: Sister doesn’t think murdered soldier was killed on base, says evidence is sketchy [EXCLUSIVE]

The sister of slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen says she doesn’t think her sister was murdered in an armory room on base, as officials have suggested.

Myra Guillen joined Nancy Grace for the special “A Fort Hood Investigation with Nancy Grace,” airing on Fox Nation, to discuss the death of her sister, Vanessa, who was found buried in several small graves in late June.

Investigators said soldier Aaron Robinson killed Guillen inside an armory room at Fort Hood on April 22. Myra Guillen said the evidence presented doesn’t add up.

“Honestly, in my heart, I don’t believe that it happened in the arms room. I don’t feel like that’s the real story. It’s so, so sketchy because they say he clocked out at 11:40. What makes me think he can do everything in 40 minutes from picking her up, cleaning up, and everything? ”

“There’s no way. I believe she was taken unconscious. There’s no telling where he might have went or with who. I don’t know if it was just him or Aguilar or more people; I strongly believe there is.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Robinson is accused of mutilating and disposing of Guillen’s body after beating her to death with a hammer. His girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, is accused of helping Robinson hack Guillen’s body parts up before burying in several graves close to the Leon River, around 25 miles from Fort Hood.

According to a criminal complaint, Robinson told Aguilar that he had “killed a female soldier” and that he had taken the body to a remote site in Bell County. Robinson then got Aguilar to help him dispose of the body after allegedly convincing her that Guillen planned to tell superiors Robinson was having an affair with Aguilar, who was married but separated.

Family members say that Robinson had been sexually harassing Guillen, and once watched her while she showered.

Shortly after authorities found Guillen’s remains, Robinson shot and killed himself when confronted by police, the complaint read. Aguilar was arrested and charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Since Guillen’s murder, many questions remain unanswered. How did a young soldier end up dead at the hands of a fellow soldier and what are Fort Hood superiors doing about it?

“A total lack of transparency,” Grace said. “A mountain of glaring evidence exposing undeniable negligence at America’s single largest military base.”

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