BREAKING: Missing Suzanne Morphew husband Barry Morphew’s ‘alibi’ questioned as new details surface about landscaping job Mother’s Day weekend [VIDEO]

Barry Morphew was working for a company owned by a longtime friend — and arrived to do the “work” a full day before the job was scheduled to begin. What was Barry doing in Broomfield on Mother’s Day?

A Colorado-based reporter has shared new information about Barry Morphew’s supposed alibi the day his wife Suzanne Morphew was reported missing.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Suzanne disappeared sometime on Mother’s Day weekend; initial reports indicated that she had gone for a bike ride on the morning of May 10 and never returned. But while investigators reportedly found Suzanne’s abandoned bike not far from her Maysville, Colorado, home the same day she was reported missing, there has never been any concrete evidence that Suzanne actually went for a bike ride that day. She was last seen alive in the neighboring town of Salida the day before, when witnesses reportedly saw her and Barry out getting sandwiches.

While authorities in Colorado have said very little about the investigation since Morphew disappeared, Barry Morphew has said he was in Broomfield, Colorado, that weekend to work on a landscaping job; specifically, to build retaining walls next to the northwest parkway in Broomfield, about a three hour drive from Maysville. According to all available information, Morphew is believed to have left home for Broomfield in the early hours of Sunday, May 10, and returned to Maysville later the same day after he was contacted about his wife’s disappearance.

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Lauren Scharf, a F0x 21 News reporter who has shared some of her reporting independently on her YouTube channel, revealed in a new video report on Thursday that Barry Morphew was contracted for the Broomfield job by a company based in Indiana, where he and Suzanne lived until 2018. Scharf said in her report that a general contracting company, Garrett Construction LLC, outsourced the job to  E. A. Outdoor Services, LCC. That company then hired Morphew, who appears to have been working as an independent contractor since moving to Colorado, where he also works as a volunteer firefighter.

The president of E.A. Outdoor Services, LLC is Tony Miller, who Scharf revealed in the video is a longtime friend of Barry Morphew’s. Scharf said that Miller himself hired Barry for the job, and the report suggests a lack of transparency about the work assignment.

“None of the public documents I dug up for this job ever mention Barry Morphew,” Scharf said.

A worker for E.A. Outdoor Services who reportedly spoke to Scharf on the condition of anonymity expressed doubts about Morphew’s alibi — and also said they knew nothing about Barry Morphew until after Suzanne Morphew disappeared.

According to the report, the Indiana-based source said the original retaining wall job took place in October 2019, but the work was considered poorly done. Morphew and his subcontractors were reportedly scheduled to return to fix and complete the job on Monday, May 11 — raising the question of why Barry Morphew arrived to Broomfield a full day ahead of the planned work.

The source also said that the work was not considered particularly urgent, according to the new report.

Further, Scharf said she found that the city of Broomfield did not issue a special permit for work on the site to be completed on a weekend, which city ordinances reportedly require.

A Colorado-based contractor who worked for Barry Morphew told Scharf that when they arrived to the site on Monday, May 11, it looked as though Barry had done about half an hour of work. But the Indiana-based source who works for E.A. Outdoor Services told Scharf they did not believe Barry did any work on the wall that Sunday.

“Him having to be there on Sunday, Mother’s Day, to do that job was a lie — because we wouldn’t have allowed that if we had known,” the worker said.

Interviews and documents Scharf collected reportedly show that necessary equipment for the work in May was never ordered. One of Barry’s contractors told Scharf that they tried to do what work they could on that May Monday with the tools available to them, but acknowledged it was inadequate.

As Scharf notes in her report, the E. A. Outdoor Services LLC’s website states that all landscaping jobs are monitored daily.

“So my question is: Who from E.A. Outdoor Services was monitoring Barry on Sunday, when he started the project on the wall?,” Scharf asked in the video.

Scharf called Tony Miller, the president of E.A. Outdoor Services, to ask him that question. Miller said only, “No comment,” according to Scharf.

The E.A. Outdoor Services worker who spoke on the condition of anonymity spoke more candidly.

“None of it made any sense at the time, and it does not today,” they said.

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