Man wearing human intestines and carrying father’s decapitated head says he ‘sacrificed the victims to himself’

A horrific scene unfolded in Ukraine this week involving a naked man who was coated in human guts and holding his father’s decapitated head, the Sun reports.

“A naked and bloodied man wrapped in guts and holding the head of a man came out of the front, sat on a bench and lit a cigarette,” one onlooker told a local news outlet in Odessa, according to the Sun.

Neighbors of the man, Dmitry Ponomarenko, 30, said they also saw him using his father’s head to strike parked cars.

A police spokesperson told the Sun that law enforcement on Wednesday “received calls from shocked people reporting a man walking in the neighbourhood with a severed head in his hand.”

When police officers responded to the scene, Ponomarenko allegedly told them that “he is a god who is not worshipped” and that he murdered the victims “because he had to,” the Sun reports, citing local media. Ponomarenko also told investigators that he “sacrificed the victims to himself,” according to the Daily Mail.

Inside a nearby apartment, investigators found the corpse of Ponomarenko’s 53-year-old father, whose head was missing.

Police also found the body of another man, 32-year-old family friend Aleksandr Demchenko, whose corpse was brutalized and gutted, according to the Sun. Demchenko had stab wounds to his back, arms, neck and abdomen, according to local media.

Ponomarenko was an employee of the Duke Hotel but had been fired a day before the incident for alleged drug use and improper behavior, according to the Daily Mail.

Ponomarenko is now facing murder charges in connection with the slayings. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison, the Daily Mail reports.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]