Texas boy dies in unheated home amid cold snap, power outages — hours after he plays in the snow for the first time [VIDEO]

Cristian Pavon saw snow for the first time the day before he died, and happily played in his yard. His mother said he never complained of feeling unwell

An 11-year-old boy was found dead in his bed in his Conroe, Texas, home this week, as Texas experienced unusual extreme weather that led to massive power outages across the state.

As the Washington Post reports, Cristian Pavon went to bed Monday night in the mobile home where he lived with his mother, stepfather, and step-siblings. The sixth-grader, who had moved to Texas from Honduras in 2019, had never seen snow before Monday, when he happily played outside until his mother called him in from the cold. He then played inside, ate dinner, and went to bed as normal, his mother Maria Elisa Pineda told Univision.

As the home reportedly had no power and temperatures dipped into near-single digits overnight, Cristian and his 3-year-old step-sibling went to sleep under a pile of blankets. When Cristian did not get out of bed by Tuesday afternoon, Pineda wasn’t immediately concerned — he often slept in. But when she nudged him around 2 p.m., Cristian didn’t respond.

“He was already dead,” Pineda told the Houston Chronicle, adding that the boy had been healthy and did not complain of feeling unwell before he went to bed late Monday night. After finding him unresponsive Tuesday afternoon, Pineda and her husband immediately called 911, and Cristian was pronounced dead. According to the Houston Chronicle, investigators stayed in the home until 8 p.m. Tuesday night, and took blood samples from Pineda and her husband to test for drugs, apparently a routine procedure, according to the report.

Police sources say that Pineda and Manuel Moreno have been cooperating with the death investigation.

“By all other means, he was a normal, healthy child,” Conroe police spokesperson Sgt. Jeff Smith told the Houston Chronicle.

Cristian’s mother took photos and video of her son playing in the snow the day before he died, and shared the images with ABC 13.

At this time, investigators appear to suspect hypothermia, but Smith reportedly said that it may take several weeks before a cause of death is confirmed.

As the Washington Post reports, at least 30 people have died in Texas as a direct or indirect result of the extreme weather. 

Relatives have organized a GoFundMe campaign to have Cristian’s body transported to Honduras for a burial.

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Feature image: Cristian Pavon/GoFundMe