Monday Crime Stories: Hubby taunts cops, ‘FIND THE BODY!’

Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet gets married in January but goes missing in February. Her new husband taunts Florida police to “find the body.” Police find her body buried in his Boynton Beach backyard. Roberto Colon, 66, reportedly told police he married Mary Stella Gomez-Mullett so she could become a US citizen. She agreed to live with and take care of his mother, who suffered from dementia.

Colon became convinced that Gomez-Mullett had been “defrauding” his mother of thousands of dollars, and had repeatedly threatened to kill her and bury her body in the backyard.

Joining Nancy Grace today:

Melissa Hoppmeyer – Chief, Special Victims & Family Violence Unit, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, Co-Founder of Right Response Consulting, “No Grey Zone” Podcast
Caryn Stark – NYC Psychologist
Robert Crispin – Private Investigator with “Crispin Special Investigations”
Dr. Tim Gallagher – Medical Examiner, State of Florida
Alexis Tereszcuk – Investigative Reporter, Writer/Fact Checker, Lead Stories

UPDATE: She’s ‘swimming with the fishes,’ husband tells police about missing wife [Report]

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[Feature Photo: Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet/Handout]