SEE IT: Parents plead for answers as mystery deepens in suspected murder of 20-year-old student Christina Matos [VIDEO]

The parents of a young woman who was found dead in her Raleigh, North Carolina, apartment earlier this week are begging for answers as police continue to keep details of the homicide investigation under wraps.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 20-year-old Christina Matos was found dead in her apartment on Sunday, two days after her 20th birthday. According to an earlier report in WRAL, Christina’s worried parents had gone to the apartment building to look for her on Saturday, but were unable to gain access to the reportedly suite-style apartment unit Matos shared with roommates. According to that report, the student’s parents, Geraldo and Yolanda Matos, waited all night in the building’s common area, hoping to see their daughter. Christina Matos was reported missing on Sunday.

More recent reports indicate that it was Christina’s mother and brother who first went to Christina’s apartment on Saturday. The news station shared parts of an audio recording of a 911 call about Christina’s disappearance, but it is unclear who made the call.

Responding officers went to the building on Sunday and reportedly found Christina Matos dead in her locked bedroom. It remains unclear if either of her two roommates were home at any point during the weekend, including when police were present.

Christina’s friend Camila Romero told ABC 11 that Christina was among a group who went out dancing on Friday night.

“We went out with Jewels Entertainment,” her friend Camila Romero said. “Which is where she was dancing for. We went out as a group, we didn’t even know it was her birthday. We just said let’s go up on Thursday night, let’s get cute, you know, how girls always get cute, let’s do our hair, our makeup. And we went, and that was like the last time we heard from her.”

It is unclear where the women went or exactly when, but the ABC 11 report states that Christina made it back to her apartment. What happened after that remains a mystery.

According to the most recent ABC 11 report, Yolanda Matos had a key to Christina’s apartment unit, and went inside on Saturday, along with Christina’s brother. She was unable to get into Christina’s bedroom, as it was locked and the mother did not have a key.

“She was a very beautiful girl,” Geraldo Matos said in an interview with ABC 11. “I can’t believe it. I need answers. I need justice.”

“We want to know what happened,” Yolanda Matos said.

Christina’s parents said their daughter was a student at Wake Technical Community College, where she took radiology courses.

They said when she called and texted them on Friday, her birthday, she was in good spirits.

Raleigh police have not shared any details about the condition of Christina’s body or said why they quickly suspected she was murdered.

“I want to scream! I want to yell. I want to yell, ‘Why?’ Christina, why to us?” the grieving mother said in the interview.

“We need justice. We need justice for Christina.”

Anyone with possible information on the case is urged to contact the Raleigh Police Department at (919) 834-4357 or visit

CrimeOnline is working to clarify some apparently conflicting information. We will continue to update this developing story as more information becomes available.

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