Mother allegedly chokes 3-year-old daughter to death after child sides with father on what to watch on TV: Report

A mother has reportedly confessed to strangling her daughter following an argument over what to watch on television.

According to the Independent, a 3-year-old girl was found dead at a construction site in Bengaluru, India, on Wednesday. Witnesses called to report seeing the body, and authorities brought in the girl’s parents to identify the child. Both parents became emotionally distraught after seeing the girl dead, but the mother later confessed to killing the girl, according to the report.

The mother, identified only as Sudha, had previously reported her daughter missing.  She reportedly told police that either the daughter alone or the mother and daughter had gone out to get food from street vendors before the girl disappeared.

After her daughter was found dead, 29-year-old Suhda reportedly admitted to police that she had taken the girl to the construction site and strangled her. According to the report, the mother said she was “irritated” with the girl after an argument over the television at home. She said she believed the girl loved her father more than her mother and always sided with him against her mother. Before the alleged murder, Sudha’s husband had come home from work while his daughter was watching TV, and changed the channel to the news. Sudha said she objected and the couple got into an argument. The 3-year-old daughter reportedly took her father’s side in the argument and told her mother to stop talking.

“The girl said her mother had gone mad. Sudha lost her cool and murdered her daughter the same night,” a police source told India Today, according to the the Independent.

Sudha has reportedly arrested, but the report did not provide specifics about the nature of the charges.

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[Feature image: Pedro Figueras from Pixabay]