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‘I was scared’: Nancy Grace talks to victim coerced into falsely accusing parents of sex abuse

“In the Valley Of Sin” is a six-hour docuseries that examines the mid-90’s witch-hunt that pitted neighbor against neighbor in Wenatchee, Washington, when police uncovered a monstrous child sex ring known among its membership as “The Circle.”

Local authorities alleged that dozens of children were raped in the bedrooms of their parents, in the homes of their neighbors, and at ritualized orgies on the altar of a church. Yet, there was one problem. There was no sex ring, and the truth emerged after 43 people were arrested and dozens of children were made wards of the state.

On Friday’s episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” Nancy speaks with the Doggett family. In 1994, authorities accused Mark and Carol Doggett of sexually abusing their children, resulting in prison time for both. Authorities ultimately cleared the pair of any wrongdoing and released them from prison after an Appeals Court overturned their conviction.

The couple’s daughter, Amber Doggett, told Nancy Grace that she had been coerced to falsely accuse her parents of sexual abuse by Wenatchee police investigator Robert Perez.

“It was very apparent to me that that was the only way I was going to get out of that room,” Amber said, recalling an incident in a police interrogation room.

Amber’s brother, John Doggett, said he, too, had been pressured to accuse his parents of sexual abuse.

“It was such a foreign concept to me to be hurt in any way from my parents that I didn’t even have the words to tell them [police] how stupid that idea was,” John Doggett told Grace.

“They were asking me things, using terminology that I wasn’t familiar with. I was really confused, really scared.”

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