Mom charged with felony murder is released from jail as infant son remains missing

A Washington, D.C., woman who is charged with murdering her missing 2-month-old son was released from jail on Saturday without posting bond.

Kyon Jones’ body has not yet been found since he was reported missing on May 7. Court documents detailed how his mother, LaDonia Boggs, 38, confessed to police that she rolled on her son as she slept and threw his dead body in a dumpster, according to WTOP.

Jones was last seen alive on May 5, two days before he was reported missing. The baby’s father contacted the National Center for Children and Families after Boggs provided conflicting stories about their son’s whereabouts.

WTOP reported that Jones’ father was living in a different residence but would stay with Boggs intermittently.

On or around May 4, Boggs allegedly called Jones’ father to pick up their son and pack all his stuff. The father did not go to the home and on the following day, Boggs reportedly called him claiming that D.C. Child and Family Services Agency had taken the infant.

Boggs hung up on Jones’ father at some point during the conservation. When he called back, a child in the background reportedly corroborated Boggs’ story, according to WTOP.

The pair spent the night at a hotel, where Boggs allegedly claimed a Child and Family Services employee named Wanda Davis took Jones. Davis is the name of one of Jones’ father’s relatives, the news outlet reported.

Jones’ father was at the hotel when he called the National Center for Children and Families and the agency confirmed they do not have his son. He then called the Child and Family Services hotline about the missing infant and Jones’ use of PCP.

The same day Jones’ father placed the calls, police responded to Boggs’ residence. WTOP reported that police left after Boggs claimed the baby nor any other small children lived at the home. However, records suggest five children younger than 18 resided at the apartment.

Child and Family Services came to Boggs’ home on May 7 and contacted authorities after Boggs stated that the agency had taken her son. Boggs allegedly gave police inconsistent accounts of when her son was taken, according to the news outlet.

Boggs allegedly also told police that she gave Jones to her godmother, but she claimed she deleted texts and contact information from her phone. Jones’ father alerted police to Boggs’ increasing PCP use and admitted to using the drug with her recently, according to WTOP.

On May 8, Boggs reportedly confessed to using PCP and experiencing hallucinations the day she fell asleep on Jones.

Court documents stated that Boggs said she woke up with her stomach on top of her son who was not breathing. She allegedly said she waited a brief period before wrapping the baby with a blanket and throwing him in a dumpster.

Prior to Boggs’ arrest, Henderson Long, the founder of D.C.’s Missing Voice, posted a video to Facebook which apparently shows WUSA interviewing Boggs about Jones’ disappearance. The mother is heard saying that her son, who was born prematurely, somehow died while they were sleeping and that she got rid of his body.

“I wrapped it up, took it outside, and disposed of it in the trash … and that’s what happened,” Boggs is allegedly heard saying.

According to Metropolitan police, surveillance footage showed Boggs carrying an infant car seat, a plastic bag, and a cardboard box outside. She was reportedly also filmed going to a dumpster before returning to her home without any of the aforementioned items.

On Thursday, authorities in Washington, D.C., concluded their search of a landfill in Charles County, Virginia. A day later, Boggs was arrested on murder charges even though Jones’ body has not been located.

Despite being charged with felony murder, Boggs was released from custody without posting bail. A Pretrial Services Agency spokesperson said that Boggs was required to immediately verify her address and undergo GPS monitoring. She is also barred from having contact with minors.

Boggs is due back in court on November 19.

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[Featured image: Kyon Jones/Metropolitan Police Department]