Investigator says missing Lauren Spierer’s boyfriend wasn’t ‘properly alibied’

Lauren Spierer was a 20-year-old college sophomore when she vanished 10 years ago

An Indiana mother is pleading for information about what happened to her daughter, who vanished 10 years ago without a trace, WBIW reports.

“Ten years ago today in the early hours of June 3, 2011, Lauren became a missing person,” Charlene Spierer wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “What started as an evening with friends ended tragically for Lauren and for our family.”

The post was published on the 10th anniversary of when Spierer’s daughter, Lauren Spierer, went missing in Bloomington, Indiana, a midwestern college town home to Indiana University, where she was a sophomore.

Spierer, 20, had been last seen walking by herself in the early morning hours of June 3 after a night out partying. Witnesses reported that she was very intoxicated, according to WBIW.

While she is presumed dead, Mike Ciravolo, a private detective investigating Lauren’s disappearance, told the New York Post that he has assessed hundreds of tips in the case and remains hopeful that the family will be able to find closure.

Ciravolo told the Post that he hopes highlighting the case will give someone a “pang of conscience” and prompt them to report the truth.

The private investigator has identified three potential scenarios that could explain what happened. One possibility points to her boyfriend.

“She was out that night with some strange boys, boys that she had just met a week prior, drinking, etc. She wasn’t with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, from time to time, exhibited jealousy. He’s still to this day not been properly alibied,” Ciravolo told the Post.

Second, Spierer had health issues and could have died from natural causes stemming from drinking. It is possible that the people she was with disposed of her body after she died, Ciravolo believes.

Third, a man has said that Spierer left her apartment around 4:15 a.m. Assuming that account is true, it is possible that Spierer was abducted while walking along the street.

“A little petite girl, helpless, barefoot, 95 pounds, a little tipsy, she could have been snapped up off the street,” Ciravolo told the Post.

In the Facebook post, Charlene Spierer shared the heartache she has felt over the years.

“You read everything written, every blog, every Facebook post, every tweet, every comment at the end of every article you have access to, just hoping someone will post something to move your case forward. You open your door to the worst of humanity, desperate to believe their convincing lies, but I think the worst offense comes from those who hold the answers and refuse to share them,” Spierer wrote in the Facebook post.

She concluded: “I end as always, hoping today is the day and reminding the reader that anything small could be big. Lauren, lost but never forgotten, forever in our hearts.”

To report information about the case, call the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477, email or contact Ciravolo at or 212-557-3334.