Brutal Assault of NYC Woman Using Walker Caught on Camera: Suspects Dragged Victim by Her Hair, Hit Her in the Head with Cooking Pot

Police in New York City are looking for a foursome who brutally attacked a woman on a walker, hitting her over the head with a cooking pot.

As Fox 5 New York reports, the unidentified victim, 61, was approached by three women and one man on a Harlem corner who reportedly verbally confronted her. Soon, the suspects brought the woman to the ground and violently assaulted her; punching and kicking her, dragging her by her hair and hitting her in the head with the pan.

The assailants then allegedly stole the woman’s walker along with a bag with cash and credit cards.

The woman was transported to a nearby hospital where she is reportedly in stable condition.

Police have released photos of three of the suspects along with surveillance video of the attack, which you can watch here. All of the suspects are believed to be in their 20s or 30s.