‘An 11-Year-Old Boy Needs Some Answers’: Heidi Planck’s Ex-Husband Asks For People Who ‘Know the Truth’ to Come Forward

Jim Wayne said police believe “one to four or five” people know what happened to Heidi at a downtown Los Angeles building last month. Investigators are searching a landfill for Heidi’s remains.

As investigators are searching a southern California landfill for signs of missing Heidi Planck, her ex-husband has asked the media to help appeal to people who know what happened to come forward.

As previously reported, the Los Angeles Police Department executed a search warrant at Chiquita Canyon Landfill in Castaic, California, on Monday, apparently searching for human remains. The landfill is about 45 miles from the Hope and Flower building in downtown Los Angeles, where Planck’s dog was found wandering alone on the 28th floor on October 17, the last day she was seen. Surveillance video taken outside the building show Planck and her dog walking near the high-rise that Sunday.

Police had been tight-lipped about the investigation until Monday, when the LAPD released a statement revealing that investigators believe Planck died in an “incident” at the high-rise building, and that her remains are in the landfill. Police did not release any further details about the suspected nature of the incident, and have not named any suspects in connection with the 39-year-old mother’s death.

Before she disappeared, Planck had gone to her 11-year-old son’s football game in Downey. As previously reported, the boy’s father and Planck’s ex-husband Jim Wayne was also at the football game, and told reporters that Planck appeared distracted before leaving at halftime.

On Monday, Wayne called a press conference, asking for the media to work with him in urging those who know what happened to his ex-wife to come forward. Wayne said that police told him that “one to four or five” people know what led to Planck’s presumed death. It remains unclear if police have identified any of those people.

“We know for sure there are people out there who know what has happened, who know the truth about what’s gone on with Heidi. We need somebody to step forward and please fill in some of the blanks,” Wayne said at the press conference.

“Our 11-year-old boy needs to know what has happened to his mom. And that’s why I am making an appeal to the press today, to say, we need some help … An 11-year-old boy need some answers. The friends need answers.”

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As previously reported, LAPD said this week that evidence found at or near the building led them to believe Planck had died. Police also revealed that investigators had impounded Planck’s Range Rover, which was reportedly parked near the Hope and Flower building. The whereabouts of Planck’s vehicle had previously been unknown.

“The forensics have taken them to [the landfill]. I am fully confident they will figure this out. If there’s something in there, they’re going to find out,” Wayne said at the press conference.

As previously reported, the LAPD said the landfill excavation could take seven to 10 days.

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