Heidi Planck’s Ex-Husband Thinks Her Boss Has the Answers to Her Disappearance, Days Before Son’s 11th Birthday

“The answer to Heidi’s whereabouts lies with her boss, Jason Sugarman, and his company,” Wayne said.

Heidi Planck’s ex-husband says that her investment firm boss holds the key to the Los Angeles bookkeeper’s disappearance.

Planck, 39, vanished on October 17 after she left her 10-year-old son’s football game, also attended by ex-husband Jim Wayne. Now, he says, their son just wants his mom home for his 11th birthday this week

Wayne told UK tabloid the Daily Mail that her boss, Jason Sugarman, a managing partner at Camden Capital Partners, wasn’t “too concerned” about his employee’s disappearance and seemed to be more concerned about finding her work laptop.

“The answer to Heidi’s whereabouts lies with her boss, Jason Sugarman, and his company,” Wayne said.

Fox News reported that Sugarman and his business partner are being investigated for an alleged $43 million fraud scheme. The case against Sugarman is still pending, but the business partner was sentenced to prison last year.

Wayne told the tabloid that he spoke with Sugarman’s assistant shortly after reporting Planck missing and could hear “Sugarman in the background barking at his assistant to tell me, ‘make sure he knows I want my laptop.’”

“There was no concern and all from my ex-wife’s employer,” he said. “It’s a multimillion-dollar company, they didn’t offer to hire a private investigator or put up a reward. The only thing they really seemed concerned about was Heidi’s computer.”

During a second conversation with the assistant, Wayne said, the man accused Planck of “siphoning off money from the company.”

He called the accusation “pretty low” and said Planck had begun working for Sugarman as his personal assistant five years ago and worked her way up to bookkeeper.

“Heidi knows all of Jason’s and the company’s secrets,” Wayne said. “She knows where the bones are buried. This whole thinks just stinks. Something just isn’t right, and I can’t put my finger on it.”

Wayne reported Planck missing on October 20 when she didn’t pick up their son from school as planned, as CrimeOnline previously reported. Planck’s dog Seven, who was with her at the football game, was found on the 28th floor of a Los Angeles high rise, where Wayne said Planck had no known connection.

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