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‘I wish I could’ve did more!’: Murder Victim’s Mom Spots Alleged Killer in Store, Confronts Him & Gets Arrested

A Texas mom was arrested after confronting a man accused of killing her teen daughter, who is now walking free after posting bail.

Darci Bass, identified as the mother of Livye Lewis, 19, is facing assault charges after confronting her daughter’s alleged killer, Matthew Hoy Edgar, inside a Hemphill convenience store last week.

After the incident, Bass took to Facebook and admitted that she “lost it” after seeing the murder suspect.

“I lost it I started going toward him throwing things and screaming YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER!!! assaulted him and damaged his vehicle while he was running from me like the little b***h (expletive) he is !!! I wish I could’ve did more !! It’s too much to see him in public!! Well if he didn’t know before he knows now how im coming !” (SIC)

As CrimeOnline previously reported,  24-year-old Matthew Hoy Edgar was indicted on March 16 for the murder of Lewis. According to investigators, Lewis was found dead with gunshot wounds on her neck and back, and blunt force trauma.

Deputies responded to a call for assistance at Highway 83 East, east of Hempville, at around 6 a.m. on October 31, 2020, at the Old Sabinetown Community. Initially, deputies thought they were responding to a two-vehicle accident but ultimately found Lewis shot to death.

Edgar quickly landed on investigators’ radar. During questioning, he reportedly told authorities that he had been stabbed. He was taken to a local emergency room but it was determined he made the stabbing up, according to an arrest report.

Authorities subsequently arrested Edgar and took him to the Sabine County Jail on a felony murder charge. He was initially ordered to be held without bond but that changed when State District Judge Craig Mixson set his bond at $50,000.

District Attorney Kevin Dutton objected to Edgar’s release, reports. However, he acknowledged that the court didn’t break any laws.

”Although I do not agree on the granting of the bond, I do believe the court was following the law and changes in the law.”

Texas law requires courts to indict a suspect within 90 days of their arrest or release them on bond. Although Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order that waived the 90-day period, Dutton said that the Texas Appellate Court rejected it and said a governor isn’t allowed to change it.

Matthew Edgar
Matthew Edgar/Police Handout

“He [Abbott] entered an executive order that waived the 90-day requirement, however, the Texas Appellate court ruled that the Governor could not do this and ordered that persons not indicted before the 90-day deadline be released on a surety or person recognizant bond,” Dutton wrote in an emailed statement.

“Although I am upset with this setback, the case remains against the Defendant and our office has requested an expedited trial date so that justice will be served,” Dutton added.

Livye Lewis was a Certified Nursing Assistant; she worked at the Hemphill Care Center, according to her Facebook page.

Edgar is scheduled to stand trial in January 2022.

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