Deputies Relieved When Call About Body on a Forest Trail Turns Out To Be a Life-Sized Doll

Jones County, Georgia, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call on Thursday about a dead woman found on a trail in Hitchiti National Forest, but the victim wasn’t quite what they expected.

The “body” — wearing white socks, short shorts, and a crop top — turned out to be a life-sized doll, tossed aside and covered in mud and brush.

Sheriff R.N. “Butch” Reece took the find in stride, noting that the deputies named the “victim” Serena and brought her back to the sheriff’s office.

“In all seriousness, thank God for small blessings in that this just turned out to be a case of littering,” Reece said.

Serena, as she was first seen on the trail in Hitchiti National Forest, looked pretty real/Jones County Sheriff’s Office

“If you know Selena or are responsible for her whereabouts, rest assured no DNA was collected and you are safe,” he said. “But in the future, please make sure to dispose of your items in a responsible way.”

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[Featured image: Jones County Sheriff’s Office]