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Man Fires Shotgun Through Front Door of Teen TikTok Star’s Home, Girl’s Dad Shoots Him Dead

A teenage social media influencer is opening up about a terrifying ordeal when a stalker fired a shotgun through her family’s front door and was later killed by her father, The New York Times reports.The influencer, Ava Majury, who has more than a million followers, started posting on TikTok in 2020 when she was just 13 years old, sharing videos of her lip-syncing to music and dancing.But Majury soon began receiving messages from 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin on multiple social media platforms. What she didn’t know was that Rohan had also been contacting Majury’s friends and classmates, paying them for her phone number and images of her, according to the Times.At one point, Majury’s parents gave her permission to sell Justin several selfies that she had shared previously on Snapchat, but the images were not explicit, Majury told the newspaper.“I wasn’t sending anything of my body,’’ Majury told the Times. “It was just pictures of my face, which is what I assume that he was paying for. My whole thing is my pretty smile — that’s my content.”Wanting more, Justin started offering money for “booty pics” and photos of Majury’s feet. Even though Majury blocked Justin on every social media account, he was reportedly able to send her $600 and pleaded with her to unblock him.That’s when Majury’s father intervened. Rob Majury, a now-retired police officer, texted Justin to stop communicating with his daughter.At the time, Rob had viewed Justin as “one of these keyboard cowboys” and believed he lived hundreds of miles away, according to the Times.“I sort of discredited what could have been a threat,” Rob told the Times.But unbeknownst to the family, Justin had reached out again to Majury’s peers and began planning to confront her at her home, according to the Times, which reviewed text messages related to the case.Justin reportedly inquired with one of the girl’s classmates if he had a gun.“i could just breach the door with a shotgun i think,” Justin allegedly wrote in a text, according to the Times.That’s what happened on July 10, 2021, when Justin allegedly fired a shotgun at the family’s front door in Naples, Florida, around 4:30 a.m., according to the Naples Daily News.“All I remember was, I heard it, I felt it in my chest, and I looked up, and there was a hole in my door from the fragments,” Ava Majury told the Times.Her father was in bed at the time, but after hearing the gunshot blast, he jumped up and ran to the front door, where he saw Justin on the front lawn.Majury’s mother dialed 911 while her father chased after Justin, who was able to flee the scene.Rob then got his gun and waited for the police to arrive, but before they did, Justin came back.Rob told Justin to drop the shotgun. He refused and pointed the gun at Rob, prompting Rob to fire his gun. A bullet struck Justin and he died at a hospital.Investigators would later find two cell phones on Justin, one of which had thousands of photographs of Majury.“The subject was most likely a stalker that resulted from her daughter’s extensive social media involvement,” a Collier County Sheriff’s Office report reads, according to the Times.Police did not charge Rob, concluding that he was justified in shooting Justin under Florida’s “stand your grand” law.

The family has since moved homes and began homeschooling Majury, among other security measures, according to TODAY.

Still, Majury, now 15, told the Times she has not let the attack stop her from posting on social media and engaging with fans.Majury’s mother, Kim, told the newspaper it would not be right if “sick individuals” put a stop to something that her daughter enjoys.“Why should we allow them to stop her? Maybe she’s meant to bring awareness to all this,” Kim Majury told the Times.

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