14-year-old Teen Girl Allegedly Tries To Hire Hitman On Prank Website RentAHitman.Com To Kill Former Boyfriend

A 14-year-old Louisiana teenager allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her former boyfriend and is now facing criminal charges, WWL-TV reports.

The ninth-grader is accused of arranging the murder through the website Rentahitman.com, which is a prank site designed to catch would-be killers.

Authorities in Baton Rouge have not released the identity of the teen because she is a minor, but she has been charged with solicitation for murder and has been booked into a juvenile detention facility.

Attorney Michael Nunnery, who represents the teen, told WWL-TV that the criminal charge is unwarranted.

“My client is a juvenile first of all. In order to carry out any crime, you have to have the wherewithal to make it happen. This is a 14-year-old. She doesn’t have five dollars to pay a hitman,” Nunnery told the television station.

Bob Innes, who created Rentahitman.com, says he has prevented about 150 attempted homicides because of the website. Innes told KGO-TV that after people try to order a hitman on the site, he reviews the information they submitted and gives them a chance to back out. If they don’t, he reports the cases to authorities.

“The website has prevented, essentially, 150 murders at this point,’ Innes told KGO-TV last year.

Innes reportedly contacted police about the teen’s hit request against her ex-boyfriend, who is also 14, WWL-TV reports.

He did the same in 2020 when Wendy Wein, a 52-year-old Michigan woman, tried to have her former husband killed. After getting an order from Wein, Innes followed up with her about the hit job.

“I sent her an email asking her, ‘do you still require our services and would you like to put me in contact with the field operative?’ I give everybody a chance to turn around and walk the other way and back out,” Innes told KGO-TV.

“She said ‘yes.’ So, that’s when I contacted the Michigan State Police. That’s when they started their investigation.”

As CrimeOnline reported previously, an undercover detective posing as a representative of the website contacted Wein and the two agreed to meet at a café, where Wein said she wanted her ex-husband dead. She allegedly offered to pay $5,000.

During the meeting, Wein provided her former husband’s home and work addresses and his work schedule.

She pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder and using a computer to commit a crime, and was sentenced to 7 to 20 years in prison, The Monroe News reports.

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