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Alleged Utah Kidnapper Says He Thought Victim Was His Wife

A Utah man arrested this week for a violent attempted kidnapping in Logan reportedly told police he thought the victim was his wife and let her go when he realized it wasn’t her.

Logan Police Capt. Curtis Hooley said that witnesses said they saw Carlos Cisneros-Diaz punch a woman in the face and try to force her into the trunk of a car.

“She fought and was able to get away from him,” Hooley said.

Diaz drove away from the scene and witnesses tried to follow him, KSL reported. Police eventually tracked him down when photographs of his car were posted to social media, and police in nearby Brigham City reported they’d arrested the suspect for drunk driving the following morning, according to KSTU.

Cisneros-Diaz told investigators on the morning of the attack he got into an argument with his wife.

“He left the house and he had been drinking, and I believe he was going to get cigarettes at a store when he saw an individual that he thought was his wife and he tried to grab her,” Hooley said, according to KSL

Hooley said investigators found a piece of evidence in Cisneros-Diaz’s car: a flip-flop that matched another one found at the scene of the attempted kidnapping.

Police aren’t buying the suspect’s story that he thought his victim was his wife.

“The victim says he was wearing a mask,” Hooley said. “She certainly didn’t know him.”

And besides, Hooley said, even if the victim had been his wife, he would have been arrested for aggravated kidnapping.

The victim was left with a cut below the eyes from the assault, KSTU said.

Cisneros-Diaz was also charged with robbery and assault with substantial bodily injury, along with reckless driving and two stop sign infractions during his flight from the scene.

Additionally, jail records show there were two failure to appear bench warrants out for his arrest. He was being held on a $2,840 bond.

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