Vicky White Visited Sex Toy Store, Bought Men’s Clothes for Murderous ‘Boyfriend’ Before Jail Break: Reports

Alabama jail guard Vicky White reportedly visited a sex toy shop and bought men’s clothes before helping her accused murderer beau escape, the Associated Press reports.

U.S. Marshal Marty Keely told the news outlet about White’s preparations in an extensive interview revealing new details on the manhunt that captured the nation’s attention over the past two weeks.

White, 56, allegedly helped inmate Casey White escape from the Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama on April 29; the two were on the run for 11 days before police found them in Indiana on Monday.

The pair have the same last name but are not related; they were reportedly in a romantic relationship.

The AP reports that the first major development in the case came when a colleague at the jail told authorities Vicky had asked to be picked up at a sporting goods store in Florence, Alabama. She claimed that she had locked her keys in her vehicle and needed a lift to work.

Police went to the store and found the patrol vehicle that Vicky used in the ruse to get Casey out of the jail for a fake mental health evaluation, according to CNN.

Vicky had left the escape car, an orange Ford Edge, in the store’s parking lot.

Keely told the AP that in preparation for the escape, Vicky purchased men’s clothing at a Kohl’s department store and stopped by a shop that sells sex toys.

Two law enforcement sources told the AP that Vicky had previously left the jail with Casey in what has been described as a dry run. However, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton disputes that claim; Singleton said there is no evidence the two had practiced the escape earlier, according to the New York Post.

Several days later, a tow truck driver in Tennessee would report that he had towed the Ford Edge, which was still in a tow lot. A homeowner in the same state would later tell police that he sold Vicky a Ford F-150 pick-up truck for cash the same day of the escape.

The pair abandoned the pick-up truck at a car wash in Evansville, Indiana, where they paid a homeless man to rent a motel room for them and bought another getaway car, this time a Cadillac sedan.

On Sunday, after the abandoned pick-up truck was reported to police, authorities connected the truck to the fugitives and descended on Evansville.

Local police spotted the vehicle after receiving a tip the pair might be driving a Cadillac.

During surveillance, Casey emerged at a hotel along with Vicky, who was wearing a wig. The pair began driving and realized they had been found, prompting a pursuit.

The chase ended when police rammed the Cadillac, causing it to flip over. Vicky then shot herself.

Police dashcam and body cameras recorded the dramatic scene unfold.

Vicky was pronounced dead at an area hospital and Casey was extradited back to Alabama.

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[Featured image: Vicky White and Casey Cole White/Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office]