Kristin Smart

Nancy Grace on Kristin Smart Case: ‘The Devil and his Minion’ Face Murder Charges for Beloved Teen Girl’s Death

Nancy Grace says evidence will show that the “devil and his minion,” referring to two suspects on trial in California for Kristin Smart’s death, hid her body after she was murdered, following a school party.

Paul Flores, who attended school at California Polytechnic Stae University with 19-year-old Smart in 1996, stands accused of her murder. Flores’ father, Ruben, 81, is facing charges of helping his son hide Smart’s body.

The case went unsolved for over 20 years until the suspects were arrested in 2021, after investigators searched Ruben Flores’ home multiple times. Investigators believe Paul Flores killed Smart at the college before hiding her body under Ruben’s shed.

“Off the top, the evidence will show that Ruben- the father- tore down Kristin Smart missing posters and called her, and I quote, ‘a dirty s***,'” Grace said. “That aside, what I think the evidence is going to show is that the sone Paul Flores, who was in school with her, gave her the date rape drug.”

Smart’s body has never been recovered.

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Watch the full interview below.

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