Serial Burglar Uses Wi-Fi Jammer To Ransack Homes in Queens, Long Island

Surveillance videos show a man New York police believe has been breaking into houses in Queens and Long Island over the past several weeks, going through the houses and stealing cash, jewelry, and other luxury items.

Police say it’s also possible there are two men involved.

Imran Ahmed shared video with WABC that showed a man slowly crawling along the floor of the house after he’d broken into a side window, pushing in front of him a device investigators believe he uses to jam Wi-Fi and keep security cameras offline. The camera that captured him at Ahmed’s home, however, didn’t need Wi-Fi to record.

The man heads upstairs, where he stays for about an hour. In the video, he pulls out a walk-talkie and says what sounds like “Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony.” He starts to leave through the kitchen, but by then Ahmed’s Wi-Fi has reconnected and he’s greeted with a loud alarm before he scurries out the window he broke into.

Ahmed said he stole cash and jewelry, some of it family heirlooms.

Police released a video showing a man in a medical face mask walking up to the door of a home, holding a pallet of water as if he were doing a water delivery. Later, the same home was robbed of $30,000 in jewelry and an $8,000 Louis Vuitton purse.

Investigators say the serial burglar nearly always breaks in after the homeowners have left. In one case, however, he took out a basement window and was confronted by the homeowner when he stuck his head in. He rushed away.

At least five homes have been broken into under similar circumstances since July 24, police said.

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[Featured image: WABC screenshot]