Lucy Letby

Neonatal Nurse Kills Preemie After 4th Attempt — Then Smiles as Mom Bathes Her Murdered Baby

A British nurse who allegedly killed seven babies in 2015 and 2016 reportedly tried to kill a premature girl four times — and smiled after successfully doing so.

A Manchester Crown Court also heard how Lucy Letby, 32, killed two of three triplet boys at Countess of Chester Hospital. One of the slain babies, who prosecutors called Child O, was stable but died within minutes of Letby entering the neonatal unit, according to Sky News.

Child O was found to have suffered severe liver damage.

Letby is standing trial for murdering seven babies and trying to kill 10 more. The Washington Post reported that she was accused of injecting air into the victims’ bloodstream and giving them insulin.

In one of the cases, the former nurse allegedly tried to kill a premature baby girl, called Child I, on three instances before she was successful. Afterward, she sent a sympathy card to the victim’s parents, Sky News reported.

Medical experts determined that the premature girl did not die of natural causes. In court, prosecutors described how the victim’s mother was bathing her recently-deceased baby as Letby was “smiling and kept going on about how she was present at Child I’s first bath and how much Child I had loved it.”

According to The Guardian, a pediatric consultant said he stopped Letby from killing a 98-minute-old baby, who was also born prematurely. The consultant reportedly caught Letby standing over the incubator as the baby’s oxygen levels plummeted. The consultant allegedly found the baby’s breathing tube was dislodged and that an alarm had been silenced.

Letby reportedly did not help the baby or seek backup. The consultant said he was already uneasy with Letby being alone with the preemie as he “started to notice a coincidence between unexplained deaths, serious collapses,” and Letby’s presence, The Guardian reported.

The trial continues.

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