Victim Recounts Terrifying Encounter with Tenant Who Murdered, Dismembered Landlord

A woman who survived a near-deadly encounter with the accused killer of a Chicago boarding house owner is sharing details of the chilling interaction, WGN News reports.

Authorities allege that 36-year-old Sandra Kolalou murdered and dismembered her landlord, 69-year-old Frances Walker, and then stored the victim’s remains in a freezer at her boarding house.

The remains were discovered Monday, prompting police to arrest Kolalou.

An unidentified woman told the news station that earlier this year, she found herself face to face with Kolalou in the stairwell of a condo and that Kolalou sang a song threatening to kill her.

“She started to sing, ‘I’m a doctor, I can kill you. I’m a doctor, I can help you,” the woman told WGN News.

The unnamed woman said Kolalou knocked her onto the ground without provocation during the incident, which allegedly occurred January 24.

“She got on top of me, she put her hand over my nose, squeezed it shut,” the woman told the television station. “Put her other hand over my mouth. Closed it shut. Tried to kill me.”

The victim had just used her inhaler before the attack and said Kolalou attempted to stuff the inhaler into her mouth.

“I had one breath left and I bit what I thought was her hand. What I ended up biting was her finger,” the woman told WGN News. “(Police officers) tried to get her up off the floor, tried to take her away, which they eventually did, taking her to a psychiatric hospital.”

Kolalou, who reportedly has a long criminal history, was charged in connection with the incident but a jury found her not guilty.

“And since I wasn’t dead, I guess I don’t count!” the woman told WGN News, expressing frustration with the outcome of the case.

It is not clear why the jury did not convict Kolalou, but she drew police attention again this past week after tenants at the boarding house called authorities multiple times to report disturbances, including reports of screaming early Monday morning, according to FOX 8.

Walker had reportedly served Kolalou with an eviction notice on Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Kolalou is being held without bail as the murder investigation proceeds. She faces charges of first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide, FOX 8 reports.

Those who knew Walker described her as a kind person.

“She was very generous with her time,” Arnold Walker told the Sun-Times. “She had older friends that she kept in touch with who had mobility problems, and she would give them rides around the Chicago area. She took people to church or other occasions, or out to eat.”

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[Featured image: Sandra Kolalou/Cook County Sheriff’s Office and Francis Walker/Legal Help Firm