Alabama Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death, Dismembers Her When She Refuses to Have Sex With Him

An Alabama man told investigators that he stabbed and dismembered his girlfriend because she wouldn’t have sex with him.

Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said that 38-year-old Justin Fields has been charged with murder and abuse of a corpse in the death of Tammy Bailey, 52, reported.

Fields told investigators that the couple went out last Friday night to celebrate his birthday and then returned to Bailey’s house where they lived, Moon said.

“He had a drink of brandy and then went into his bedroom and was playing guitar,” Moon said. “He decided he wanted to have sex, so he went into her room and propositioned her.”

“She refused him,” Moon said, “and, according to his statement, it frustrated him, and he stabbed her in the chest.”

Fields claimed he blacked out and returned to his room to sleep. When he awoke Saturday morning and saw that Bailey hadn’t moved, Moon said, he “felt like he was having a bad dream and went in the room and stabbed her some more,” WBMA reported.

According to the coroner, Bailey had more than 100 stab wounds, said.

“We’re pretty sure she was dead on the first blow,” Moon said. “When he went back in there the next day, she had not moved.”

Fields called his father and told him he’d “done something horrible” and wanted to kill himself, Moon said. The father called a member of Bailey’s family, who lived near the couple. Fields refused to let her inside the house.

“He tells her what’s inside is terrible and she doesn’t want to see it,” Moon said. “She calls 911.”

Fields, sitting on the front step when a deputy arrived on the scene, told the deputy he’d done some bad and the evidence was inside. The deputy told Fields he was going to handcuff him for safety, and Fields responded, “That’s OK. You’re going to arrest me anyway.”

The deputy waited for backup and then entered the house. They found Bailey’s mutilated body — her head near her feet and an arm severed — in her bedroom.

Moon told reporters that Fields had no criminal history and that his deputies had never been called on him before.

“He admitted to my investigator everything he’d done so he was stable enough to know what he was doing,” Moon said. “He was frustrated because he didn’t get what he wanted.”

The crime scene, Moon said, was a difficult one for the two deputies, who he described as “young in general and young in law enforcement.”

Fields is being held without bond, WBMA reported.

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[Featured image: Justin Fields/Blount County Sheriff’s Office]