Update: Accused Baby Snatcher Lures in Expectant Mother, Kills Her & Steals Baby as Husband Helps [Police]

An expectant mother who was kidnapped and fatally shot was allegedly targeted by another woman who wanted to take the victim’s baby for herself, KHBS-TV reports.

The disturbing allegations come after federal prosecutors on Thursday charged Amber Waterman with one count of kidnapping resulting in the death of 33-year-old Ashley Bush. Waterman’s husband, Jamie Waterman, is accused of helping his wife and taking steps to prevent her arrest.

Investigators believe that Amber Waterman lured Bush by creating a fake profile online. Before she vanished, Bush was talking with someone on social media identified as “Lucy,” who police believe was Amber Waterman.

Bush reportedly traveled with “Lucy” on Monday for a purported job event in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Joshua Willis, Bush’s fiancé and the father of the baby, brought Bush to a convenience store where she was going to meet with “Lucy,” according to court records. Bush reportedly texted him later to meet her again at the same store.

However, after Willis arrived, he told police that he saw “Lucy” pass the store but did not stop to drop off Bush. Willis also said he saw Bush in the passenger seat of “Lucy’s” truck and that his calls were not being answered.

A phone belonging to Bush was later discovered along the side of an Arkansas road. Willis subsequently reported Bush missing, prompting police to investigate.

Bush, who was from Benton County, Arkansas, was found dead Thursday and is believed to have been shot. The baby was found deceased in Missouri, in a different location, police said.

It appears police were led to Amber Waterman by analyzing Bush’s phone and email data. Investigators went to the Waterman’s property on Tuesday and got permission to search. They found blood stains in a pick-up truck, but Amber Waterman claimed that she just had a miscarriage the night before.

The couple allegedly called 911 on Monday evening claiming that they were on their way to a hospital and that Amber Waterman had delivered a baby that was not responsive, KOAM-TV reports. An ambulance responded and medics attempted life-saving measures, but the baby died.

During an interview with investigators at her home in Pineville, Missouri, Amber Waterman reportedly denied having any knowledge of Bush and claimed to have delivered the stillborn baby on Monday, the same day Bush disappeared.

Amber Waterman also reportedly told police that “Lucy” was someone she had worked with previously at Walmart.

However, Jamie Waterman later admitted to investigators that his wife told him she killed Bush, although she would come to blame “Lucy” for the death.

After confessing to her husband, Amber Waterman directed him to Bush’s body, which was being covered by a tarp. He told police that he helped drag Bush’s body to a fire pit, where his wife set Bush’s body on fire.

The couple then transported Bush’s body to another location to dump it. Jamie Waterman later brought police to that location.

Jamie Waterman allegedly told authorities that his wife also burned rags that she had used to clean up the blood in her pickup truck.

Investigators identified a social media account purporting to be from “Lucy” that read: “I have a bunch of baby items if any moms to-be need them,” according to KOAM-TV.

The previous month, Amber Waterman posted to Facebook claiming to be pregnant. She posted sonogram photos and wrote: “I need some encouragement guys. The closer time get the more doubt I can do this alone,” KOAM-TV reports.

If convicted, Amber Waterman could be sentenced to life in prison or executed. Jamie Waterman could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

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[Feature Photo: Amber Waterman, left/McDonald County Sheriff’s Office and Ashley Bush/Facebook]