Woman Busted for Shutting Off Hospital Roommate’s Ventilator Because It Made Too Much Noise

A 72-year-old patient at a German hospital was arrested Tuesday night after she allegedly turned off her roommate’s ventilator because she didn’t like the sound it made.

Authorities in the southwestern city of Mannheim said she turned off the 79-year-old woman’s ventilator twice, even after hospital staff told her it was necessary for the patient, The Guardian reported.

The roommate had to be revived, officials said. She is out of danger but still requires intensive care.

A statement from the Mannheim prosecutor’s office and Mannheim police said the woman turned off the ventilator at about 8 p.m. because she “felt disturbed by the noise coming from the oxygen device,” The Guardian said.

“Although the suspect was informed by the hospital staff that the oxygen supply was a vital measure, she is said to have switched off the device again around 9pm,” the statement read.

The suspect, charged with attempted murder, saw a judge on Wednesday and was taken to jail.

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[Featured image: Shutterstock]