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5-Year-Old Girl Wounded, Parents Dead in Murder-Suicide

A 5-year-old girl in Florida is recovering from a gunshot wound after her parents died in a murder-suicide Tuesday night.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters the shooting took place shortly after the mother arrived home from work, paid the babysitter, and walked her outside.

“As [the babysitter] starts backing out, she sees an adult start running towards the mother and the daughter and starts firing rounds,” Nocco said.

The mother collapsed on the spot, Nocco said, as the babysitter called 911. The little girl went inside with her father.

When deputies arrived, they rendered aid to the mother, and the little girl came outside.

“She says, ‘My daddy’s upstairs, he’s in the master bathroom, and I heard a big bang,'” Nocco said.

Nocco said the girl appeared unaware that she had a gunshot wound to the arm and provided details to the deputies while medical personnel treated her. She was taken to a hospital for further treatment and is expected to recover from her wound.

The mother was pronounced dead on the scene, and the father was found dead from a gunshot wound inside the house.

Nocco said that the mother had a protective order against her husband since his arrest in August on domestic violence charges.

“This is the sad tragedy that goes on in the domestic violence situations in our community and every community,” Nocco said. “This is what we’re very scared about going into this holiday season. With everything going on in our country, the economy, the stresses going on, social media. We’re seeing the mental health calls escalating. We’re also scared because we know domestic violence calls go up during the holiday season.”

Nocco said the child’s grandparents are with the girl and that the sheriff’s office is providing victim’s advocate resources.

Investigators have not released the names of the parents.

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