Nancy Grace: I Want to See ‘DNA Matched to Bryan Kohberger Himself’ And Not Just His Father

University of Idaho students return to campus this week for the first time since the horrible murders of four of their classmates last November, but it won’t be an easy process, CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace says.

“Of course the returning students are relieved that Bryan Kohberger has been captured, but they’re still grieving,” she told Fox News, and not only for their slain classmates.

“They’ll never go back to the way they were before, before when they felt safe,” Grace said. “An illusion of safety.”

Grace also dismissed attacks on the 19-year-old roommate who came face to face with the killer in the early hours of November 13 and then locked herself in her room and waited hours to call 911.

“I think attacks on her at this juncture are highly unwarranted,” she said, pointing out that “D.M.,” as she was known in the affidavit, “is a sophomore, not a senior like the others.”

“Until you live through a violent crime, or you’re a witness to a violent crime — you block out what’s happening,” she said. “I know that first hand.”

“I’m sure she was in a sort of a state of shock. She locked herself in there and did not utter a word.”

Grace said D.M. would be a witness at trial but that she’s keen to see a “DNA match to Kohberger himself.” DNA has been matched to Kohberger’s father, and while it’s a highly likely match, it’s not as clean is matching DNA found on a knife sheath lying beside one of the victims to the suspect.

“By now, they’ve already served a warrant on his person,” she said. ” I want to see that stat and how long he had been stalking these victims, like a hunter looking for prey.”

Grace hosts a special on Fox Sunday night, “The Idaho Murders,” at 10 p.m.

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[Featured image: Fox News]