‘No One Knew of This Guy’: Idaho College Killer Bryan Kohberger Had No Connection to 4 Victims

An attorney representing the family of one of the four slain University of Idaho students reportedly said that murder suspect Bryan Kohberger had no connection to any of his victims.

Shanon Gray, a lawyer for the family of 21-year-old victim Kaylee Goncalves, told Insider that the affidavit stated that Kohberger, 28, “was in the area of the house on several occasions.” Despite this, Gray said none of the victims ever mentioned to anyone that they were being watched.

“That’s all we know,” she commented.

Gray also told Insider that she believes a stronger case will be built against Kohberger as police look at his car and apartment. She went on to criticize speculation about one of the surviving roommates — who provided a description of the suspect — allegedly seeing Kohberger in the home eight hours before 911 was called.

“She’s a victim in the case. I don’t think anybody knows what they might do in that situation,” the lawyer told Insider.

Kohberger, a Ph.D. criminal justice student at Washington State University, reportedly lives 10 miles from the victims’ home. He is believed to have turned off his phone during the November 13 murders, but police claim he visited the area 12 times before the slayings.

The probable cause affidavit alleged that campus police at Kohberger’s college alerted Moscow, Idaho, police to his white 2015 Hyundai Elantra, which apparently resembles a car seen at the victims’ home around the time they were killed.

Surveillance footage reportedly showed a white four-door sedan, but it did not capture its front license plate. At the time of the killings, Kohberger’s car was registered in Pennsylvania, which does not require front plates.

Kohberger was arrested after a cross-country trip with his father from Idaho to Pennsylvania. During their trip, Indiana police pulled over the pair twice. Sources claimed the FBI requested the traffic stops to view possible injuries on Kohberger’s hands.

Kohberger was extradited to Idaho on Thursday. He remains jailed without bail.

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[Featured image: Bryan Kohberger/Monroe County Police Department]