[Crime Stories with Nancy Grace] Legal heir Alex Murdaugh suspected in wife & son’s murders: CAN BULLET EVIDENCE PROVE HE’S THE KILLER?

Ballistics evidence in the accused South Carolina killer Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial could be key, and Nancy Grace’s all-star panel breaks it down in Wednesday’s”Crime Stories” episode.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Alex Murdaugh’s world began crumbling the day he reported the murders of his wife, Maggie, and their son, Paul in 2021. Maggie and Paul were found shot to death at the family’s hunting property in a rural area in South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

Paul Murdaugh was struck reportedly in the chest, while his mother Maggie was shot in the back of the head. Ammunition and cartridges found around Maggie’s body allegedly match a gun located at the estate.

Expert firearm examiner, Leonard Romero, who joins Grace on today’s episode, says that murder suspect Murdaugh reportedly purchased two rifles earlier in 2021.

“They believe it’s one of two blackout rifles that Alex Murdaugh purchased earlier in the year. One of those, the defense is saying it’s stolen and the state is saying it’s missing,” Romero told Grace. 

Alex Murdaugh makes his way towards the defense desk at the beginning of his bond hearing in the Richland Judicial Center in Columbia, S.C., Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. A judge in South Carolina denied bond for attorney Alex Murdaugh on the second set of charges he has faced since finding his wife and son dead last June. (AP Photo/Lewis M. Levine, Pool)

CSI and Director of Atlanta’s Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, Sheryl McCollum, added that two separate weapons were involved in the shooting. The weapons involved had allegedly been used previously at the estate, prior to the shooting.

“The most compelling thing to me is that you’ve got two separate weapons involved with these murders and you’ve got evidence of those two weapons being fired on that property before the murders. And again, people are going to be able to understand that with no problem.”

Listen to the full episode below.

Today’s “Crimes Stories” Guests 

Mark Tate– Trial Lawyer- The Tate Law Group; Twitter: @TateLawGroup (Savannah, GA)
Dr. Mindy B. Mechanic – Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) at California State University Fullerton, Forensic Psychologist Focusing on Trauma/victimization, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
Sheryl McCollum – Forensic Expert, Founder: Cold Case Investigative Research Institute in Atlanta, GA; Twitter: @ColdCaseTips; Host: “Zone 7”
Dr. Michelle DuPre – Former Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner, and Detective: Lexington County Sheriff’s Department; Author: “Homicide Investigation Field Guide” & “Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide;” Forensic Consultant
Matt Harris- Former Reporter at WSOC TV Radio Show Host; Podcaster: “The Murduagh Family Murders: Impact of Influence;” Facebook: “MurdaughPodcast”
Leonard Romero-Forensic firearms examiner/ballistics expert

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[Feature Photo: Maggie, Paul, & Alex Murdaugh/Handout]