Nancy Grace: Paul Murdaugh’s Snapchat Video May be Prosecution’s ‘Strongest Evidence’ in Case Against His Father

CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace says the prosecution’s “strongest evidence” against Alex Murdaugh in his trial for the murders of his son Paul and wife Maggie may be a video taken by Paul Murdaugh at a time when his father claimed he wasn’t at the family hunting lodge where the grisly murders took place.

Grace will be in South Carolina this week for the trial’s second week, covering the events live. She’s also hosting a special, “Murdaugh Family Murders: A Timeline” on FoxNation.

“I really want to look at the witnesses,” she told Fox News on Sunday. “I can always tell a lot, and I think the jury can too.”

Especially, she said, “I wanna see Alex Murdaugh in the flesh.”

Grace pointed out the gunshot residue found in Alex Murdaugh’s vehicle and “very fine blood spatter which is invisible to the naked eye” on what appeared to be a clean T-shirt he was wearing when he called 911 to report he found Paul and Maggie’s bodies.

But that was all after a Snapchat video Paul sent to his friends before the murders, when Alex Murdaugh was supposedly visiting his mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

“Alex Murdaugh was in that Snapchat video,” Grace said.

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[Featured image: Fox News screenshot]