Police Rescue Woman Chained Inside Cell for 20 Years at Mother’s Home

A woman has been rescued after she was allegedly chained inside a metal cell by her mother for two decades, DailyMail reports.

Disturbing video posted by the news outlet shows 39-year-old Rosinalva da Silva being escorted out of a residence while still holding onto a set of chains.

Authorities reportedly located da Silva inside a dark bedroom at her mother’s home in Espírito Santo, Brazil, on Thursday. Her hands and feet had been chained together, according to the Daily Mail, citing information from Civil Police Chief Carlos Braga.

Police arrested da Silva’s mother, who is said to have been drunk at the time of the raid, in addition to a man whose relationship to the case is not yet clear. Names of those arrested have not been disclosed publicly.

Inside the home, officers had to walk through a metal cell door where the only light source was a glass window, according to the footage.

Medics found da Silva dehydrated and in need of food. She was rushed to a hospital in the region and is being treated for what the Daily Mail described as “severe malnutrition.”

The woman’s mother is said to have locked her daughter in the cell because the daughter tragically lost two of her own children years earlier and would become agitated, which the Daily Mail referred to as a mental illness.

Police are investigating whether any other people could be held responsible for detaining da Silva. It is not clear what prompted authorities to raid the home.

Espírito Santo is located in southeastern Brazil along the country’s Atlantic coast.

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[Feature Photo: Pexels]