Nancy Grace: Murdaugh Judge Allows ‘Ballistics Expert’ With No Training to Testify for Defense

CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace tells Fox News that the judge in Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial “threw the defense a bone” Tuesday when he allowed a “ballistics expert” with no ballistics training to testify that the gunman who killed Murdaugh’s wife and son was “really short, like 5-2.”

“The jury had to be dumbfounded,” Grace said. “But he had a lot of great visuals which ould cause some problems back in the jury room.”

Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster Murdaugh, testified on Tuesday, telling the jury he didn’t think his father killed his brother and mother — an assertion Grace didn’t find surprising.

“I have dealt with a lot of adult children whose parents are accused of murder, and they never believe the parent did it, because I don’t think they can accept it emotionally deep in their core,” she said. “They just can’t believe it. It would be hard for me to believe it about my father. I mean, I would fight to the finish. No way.”

What was surprising was Alex Murdaugh’s phone activity while he was “standing right there beside his dead wife and son, their bodies literally riddled with bullets,” Grace said.

“He was looking up a local restaurant on Google and looking at a group chat about a woman in a bikini,” she said. “He’s right by their bodies. He just called 911. And of course the defense is claiming he was in shock when he was looking at that bikini woman.”

Grace also commented on a moment in the courtroom when defense attorney Dick Harpootlian wielded a rifle, pointing at at the prosecutors and saying, “Tempting.”

“Everybody laughed it off, but I didn’t think it was very funny,” she said.

Finally, Grace said she was doubtful a Polish woman who thinks she may be missing toddler Madeleine McCann. “It would be amazing,” she said, “and it would be a miracle.”

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[Featured image: Fox News screenshot]