Alex Murdaugh Serving Early Days of Prison Term Alone For His Own Safety: Report

Convicted double murderer Alex Murdaugh is being held in a single cell under constant surveillance for his own safety, TMZ says in a report sourced to the state Department of Corrections.

The disgraced South Carolina lawyer was convicted last week of gunning down his wife Maggie and son Paul and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, as CrimeOnline has reported. He’s spending a 45-day evaluation period at South Carolina’s most secure prison, Kirkland, where all prisoners begin serving their sentence.

At the end of the evaluation, prison authorities will determine which of the state’s maximum security facilities will host Murdaugh for the rest of his life.

According to TMZ, Murdaugh’s cell is concrete with a steel bed, toilet, and sink, what it says is a “stark contrast to the privileged lifestyle” he once led.

The entertainment outlet also said that Murdaugh is served his meals in his cell alone and is escorted by at least one corrections officer when he leaves the cell.

The state Department of Corrections reportedly told TMZ that Murdaugh can buy a television for his cell if he wants, although it’s not clear if that’s possible during the evaluation period or must wait until he’s sent to his permanent home, and pay for phone calls to family and friends.

The department said there have been no threats against him since he arrived at the Columbia facility last Friday.

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[Featured image:Alex Murdaugh/South Carolina Department of Corrections]