‘It Smelled Like Something Was Rotting’: Man Who Found Nathan Millard’s Body Wrapped in Plastic & Carpet Speaks Out

The man who reportedly discovered a missing Georgia father’s body in Louisiana on Monday said he initially believed the body was an animal carcass.

Baton Rouge police said they do not believe foul play was involved in the death of Nathan Millard, 43, who vanished on February 23 while on a business trip in Baton Rouge. The person who found him told Unfiltered With Kiran that he was driving through the city at 3 a.m. when he smelled a foul odor while his windows were rolled down.

“It smelled like something was bad or something was rotting,” he said. “At first, I thought it was a dead animal, but I didn’t see anything.”

The man said he eventually got out of his car with a flashlight and looked around, leading him to a cinderblock garage. He eventually found a rug and feet which presumably belonged to Millard.

Texas Equusearch confirmed that the anonymous source who spoke with Unfiltered With Kiran is the man who found Millard and called 911. Unfiltered With Kiran reported that Millard’s body was located at the back of the abandoned structure and not visible from the street.

“I was really terrified because I’ve never, ever seen or found a deceased person,” the man commented. “I was pretty much terrified because I didn’t know what happened.”

Millard’s body, which was badly decomposed, was discovered three miles from where he was last seen alive. Investigators used fingerprints to identify him.

According to reports, Millard attended a college basketball game with a client the night he disappeared. The client saw him leaving Happy’s Irish Pub in Baton Rouge but he failed to show up for a meeting the next morning.

No arrests have been made. Per reports, Millard’s phone and wallet were found several blocks away from the pub where his client last saw him

Baton Rouge police said they believe Millard suffered an accidental overdose, noting that a preliminary autopsy found no internal or external injuries. Police claimed Millard did not appear distressed in surveillance footage they reviewed which showed him at local businesses on the night in question. At some point, a security guard at a Greyhound bus station tried to get a ride for Millard, but he turned down the offer.

A full autopsy report, which includes a toxicology report, is pending.

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[Featured image: Nathan Millard/Baton Rouge Police Department]