Sandy Carazas-Pinez

‘I sound like a pervert’: Married Special Ed Teacher Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Relationship with Vulnerable Teen

New York authorities are investigating a former special education teacher for allegedly maintaining a sexual relationship with a vulnerable teenage student, the New York Post reports.

The ex-teacher, 33-year-old Sandy Carazas-Pinez, has thus far denied the allegations and has not been criminally charged.

But law enforcement and prosecutors are actively looking into the sexual misconduct claims against Carazas-Pinez, whose employment at the Biondi School in Yonkers was terminated earlier this month, according to the newspaper.

Carazas-Pinez had sex with the 16-year-old male student at least dozens of times in her vehicle and sent him numerous illicit text messages, according to the Post, citing statements from the teen’s mother and documents related to the matter.

“I do miss your touch and kisses not going to lie,” Carazas-Pinez allegedly texted the boy, according to the Post. “I sound like a pervert.”

In subsequent messages, the teacher discussed whether they should end things, allegedly writing “I know for me it isn’t going to be easy, I will miss your kisses, hugs and everything,” according to the Post.

Carazas-Pinez is married and the mother of three children. In a telephone conversation with a Post reporter, she refuted the allegations and said she had not known about them before the newspaper’s inquiry.

“I didn’t even know there were these allegations,” Carazas-Pinez allegedly told the Post. “He would tell me he loved me and I would just reciprocate.”

She said the teen had been in her car once because she gave him a ride while it was snowing. As to allegedly nude images she texted him, she said the teen “had the passcode to my phone,” according to the Post.

The teen’s mother has reportedly told police that her son and Carazas-Pinez “fondled” each other at school and that the teacher asked the teen to make false statements to prevent disclosure of their relationship.

The mother said her son has schizophrenia and a mood disorder. She told the newspaper she is angry that police have not arrested Carazas-Pinez after the teen sat down for an interview with investigators on March 7.

“If my son was not an African-American boy, and the genders were reversed, you know the teacher would already be in handcuffs,” the mother told the Post.

She added: “It’s the rape of a child with a mental illness. As a society, we have to prioritize the safety of children who are mentally ill and boys who are sexually assaulted,” according to the Post.

One police officer allegedly made light of the situation. The Post reports that the officer joked “Where were those teachers when I was in high school?”

Spokespersons for the Long Island District Attorney’s Office and the Bronx District Attorney’s Office told DailyMail they are investigating the allegations.

Before Casarez-Pinez taught at the Biondi School, she was a teacher at PS/MS 007 in Harlem and PS/IS 218 in the Bronx. Her husband told the Post on Saturday that he kicked his wife out of their home and she is now living with her parents.

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