Nebraska Woman Charged With Running Over 2 Employees at Her Apartment Complex, Killing Them

A 27-year-old Nebraska woman was arrested this week and charged with murder after she allegedly ran over two employees of her apartment complex and killed them.

The Lincoln Police Department said that Taylor Bradley drove some 20 to 30 yards off the roadway to hit the two men, and that video and witness accounts support their contention that she struck them on purpose.

Bradley appeared by video link at a raucous court hearing on Wednesday in which she was charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of 45-year-old Ronald E. Gonzalez-Rivas and 42-year-old Christopher J. Karmazin, the Lincoln Journal-Star reported. She was also charged with attempted murder for trying to kill Robert Sargent, another employee of the complex who was standing with the other two but managed to jump clear, and three counts of use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.

She was arrested a few blocks away, still in her damaged vehicle.

Bradley began talking over Judge Laurie Yardley during the hearing as the judge read the charges against her.

“No,” Bradley said, her voice drowning out the judge’s. “No. No. No. No. No. No.”

“I had a shoplifting charge. That’s all I’ve ever had,” she said, yelling louder as the judge continued reading the complaint.

“They think I’m on so many drugs,” Bradley said. “Because they stocked me full of all my mom’s drugs.”

“Theft. Theft!” she screamed, apparently referring to a prior shoplifting charge. “That’s all I have!”

When Yardley finished, Bradley promptly asked her to read again the first three of the six-count complaint.

“Read them again for me,” she said. “One, two and three. I don’t give an absolute f***. One, two or three. One, two and three. I am on drugs!”

A corrections officer muted Bradley’s microphone and walked away with the computer.

Yardley set Bradley’s bond at $2 million.

On Thursday, her public defender filed a motion seeking a competence evaluation.

Neither police nor prosecutors have said what they believe prompted the incident. Tom Huston, the general counsel for Perry Reid Properties, which manages The Lodge complex, said the company is als “mystified.” Bradley was in the first year of her lease and the property manager “had no prior negative contact with her.”

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[Featured image:Left: Ronald Gonzalez-Rivas/GoFundme. Center: Taylor Bradley/Lincoln Police Department. Right: Christopher Karmazin/GoFundMe.]