Nancy Grace: Connections Between Stephen Smith, Buster Murdaugh Are ‘Not Serious’

The body of Stephen Smith, an openly gay 19-year-old man found dead on a lonely South Carolina road in 2015, has been exhumed and is undergoing a second autopsy.

The drive to take another look at Smith’s death — initially declared a hit and run by Hampton County investigators — comes from his mother, Sandy Smith, who has never been satisfied with the official report.

And that was especially true after the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division said, shortly after the murders of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh on the family’s hunting estate in 2021, that they’d uncovered new evidence while investigating the murders and were delving back into Smith’s death.

But rumors of that convicted killer Alex Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster Murdaugh, was somehow involved are “not serious,” says CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace.

“Two people have been named as persons of interest, and they are not Buster Murdaugh,” Grace told Fox News on Sunday. “Did they know Buster Murdaugh? Are they connected to the family? Probably.”

The two persons of interest, Grace explained, “were out riding around and hit Stephen Smith and tried to cover it up, maybe get their car repaired.”

“And long story short, they blabbed, and it has bubbled up,” she said.

Grace also discussed the case of Brian Walshe, the Massachusetts man just indicted for the murder of his wife, Ana Walshe, who disappeared on January 1. According to Grace, the damning evidence comes from Brian Walshe’s internet searches.

“Things like, ‘can baking soda make a body smell good?’ ‘How to stop a body from decomposing,'” she said. ” … There’s so many, I don’t even have time to go through it.”

There’s one problem, though, Grace said: Ana Walshe’s body has not been found.

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[Featured image: Fox News screenshot]