Toddler Missing 2 Weeks After ‘Violent’ Dad Snatches Him From Home While Threatening to Kill Mom

Minnesota authorities are looking for a man and his 2-year-old son nearly two weeks after the man allegedly took the boy during an altercation with the child’s mother.

Walter Brown, 29, allegedly took Koran Brown from his mother’s apartment in Mankato on March 24. In a statement issued to the Star-Tribune, police said Brown last communicated with an acquaintance on the same day as the abduction.

Walter and Koran’s mother have three children, including Koran. Brown reportedly threatened to kill his son’s mother before taking the boy.

The Star-Tribune reported that Brown has a violent history, including an incident from August in which he drunkenly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill his children and their mother. He then allegedly kicked an officer who responded to the home and placed him under arrest.

On the day of the alleged abduction, Brown reportedly broke into his son’s mother’s apartment and took the boy along with some clothes. The mother later called Brown, who responded with threats to her and insinuated he would kill himself, the Star-Tribune reported.

Brown eventually ignored his son’s mother’s calls and blocked her on social media. However, the mother said it appeared he returned to the home at some point to get more of Koran’s clothes.

According to KMSP, Koran’s disappearance was reported to police on March 29.

Police said Brown’s phone data traced him to an airport near Knoxville, Tennessee, on March 30 before he was placed at a Memphis airport and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The Star-Tribune reported that surveillance cameras did not capture Brown at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

On Tuesday, Brown was formally charged with deprivation of parental rights and violating a no-contact order that was put in place after the incident in August. Anyone with information regarding him or Koran’s whereabouts is asked to call Mankato Public Safety at 507-387-8725.

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[Featured image: Koran Brown, Walter Brown/Mankato Public Safety]