Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez

Police Knock Down Rumors That Missing Texas Boy Was Sold at a Market

A mother who fled the country with her new husband after her 6-year-old son was reported missing allegedly told her mother she sold the child.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s uncle told police he hadn’t seen the boy in almost a year and when he did, his mother had assaulted him with her car keys for drinking water, according to a search warrant obtained by KDFW.

Other family members said they’d last seen Noel, who has severe physical and developmental challenges, in November. Police spoke with the child’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez Singh, after the initial call, and she told them Noel was with his father in Mexico, as CrimeOnline previously reported. Investigators contacted the father, who told them he had been deported before Noel was born and had never even met the boy — a claim corroborated by the US Department of Homeland Security.

But by the time investigators returned to speak again with the mother, she, her new husband Arshdeep Singh, and six of her children had boarded a flight to Turkey and then to India. Noel was not on the flight.

Cantarino Rodriguez, Rodriguez-Singh’s brother, told investigators that she told their mother she sold Noel to an unknown woman at a Fiesta Market, the search warrant says, and that she couldn’t contact the woman for fear of being reported to Child Protective Services.

Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, left, and Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez/Everman Police Department

In late March, Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer called word of the sale a “rumor” and said investigators had “no evidence” to support it, although he said investigators were looking into that possibility. On Wednesday, however, he said detectives “can specifically rule out” that Noel was sold to someone at a Fiesta Mart.

“Getting a lot of warrant returns on geolocation data that shows their travels and bank records and things. So we’ve had a ton of investigators spend really the last few days combing through every transaction, every phone call, every text message,” he said.

Last week, investigators took a look at a freshly-poured concrete patch on the property in Everman where the family had lived but found nothing.

Police initially issued an Amber Alert for Noel but revoked it and issued an Endangered Missing Persons report when they learned the family had left the country without the child. And they filed charges against Rodriguez-Singh when they learned she had lied about Noel’s whereabouts.

Police plan a news conference on the case Thursday afternoon. Check back for more details.

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[Featured image: Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez/Everman Police Department]