Toddler Wears a Wire, Records Day Care Employees’ Verbal Abuse

A San Antonio couple grew suspicious last year when their toddler daughter’s behavior changed after she started attended Mossrock KinderCare.

“My daughter changed drastically. She had started being really, really violent. Hitting, kicking, screaming,” said Carly Hernandez, who also said the little girl stopped responding to her name and lost weight.

And then, she said, she saw an employee deny her daughter’s request for a drink of water, KSAT reported.

“If you’re not giving a child water and you’re that open about it and your director’s not even concerned about it, there’s something bigger going on,” she said.

So on December 20, she sewed a recording device into her daughter’s jacket pocket, and the recordings were shocking.

  • “I’m gonna go and I’m going to beat both of y’all. That’s what I’m going to do.”
  • “I’m about to throw some bitch swings at some of y’all right now.”
  • “Get up and move! Sit down (baby whimpers). Sit your ass down. Come sit down now (name redacted).”
  • “You better not be playing with that soap because I’m going to leave that soap in your hand and you’re going to eat with it (baby cries). Get away. Go sit down!”
  • “Touch it and you die.”
  • “Sit your ass down.”
  • Just get away from me, because I will end up in jail.”
  • “Shut the fuck up (name redacted). Go (name redacted). Get your ass over there and start jacking off over there.”
  • “You’re nasty (baby cries).”

Hernandez and her husband, Aaron Hernandez, pulled their daughter out of the facility and reported the behavior to San Antonio police and Child Protective Services. Mossrock KinderCare said in a statement that the two woman heard in the recordings “are no longer KinderCare employees and will never work for KinderCare, or any of our brands, again.” And, KSAT reported, one accrediting agency — the National Association for the Education of Young Children — had “deferred” accrediting the facility as of late February.

Still, the Hernandezes said they were frustrated with the apparent lack of movement from police or CPS on the case. Police initially investigated the case as terroristic threats, but a detective reportedly told the couple investigators would likely filed it with the district attorney’s office as a disorderly conduct case. CPS said only that the investigation was ongoing.

No physical abuse was alleged.

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[Featured image: KSAT screenshot]