Dog Recovering From Alcohol Withdrawal in UK Rescue

An animal rescue group in the United Kingdom has successfully treated a dog for alcohol withdrawal after his owner died.

Coco and a canine companion came to Woodside Animal Welfare Trust last month, with Coco’s friend having fits and the condition of both dogs rapidly declining.

Vets were unable to save the other dog, but with round-the-clock care from Woodside’s Dunroamin Special Care Unit, Coco gradually showed improvement.

“It became clear that he was suffering from symptoms that all pointed to alcohol withdrawal,” the clinic said. “He spent four weeks sedated to help with his withdrawal symptoms and to reduce the risk of further fits.”

Woodside introduced Coco to the public last week, saying that he’s now “off all medication and is starting to behave like a normal dog.”

“He is not yet ready for adoption and whilst physically he seems to have recovered, mentally he is still very anxious at times,” they said.

The Dunroamin Special Care Unit cared for Coco “in a more homely environment and away from the main kennels,” the group said.

Woodside said they don’t have any answers about how either dog became addicted to alcohol.

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[Featured image: Coco/Woodside Animal Welfare Trust]