Mother of Missing Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez Idolizes Mexican Folk Deity known as ‘Santa Muerta’

Texas police say that a mother who fled the country after they began asking questions about her missing 6-year-old son “idolizes” a Mexican cult deity known as “Santa Muerta,” or “Saint Death, who is said to be the personification of death.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez reportedly hasn’t been seen since November, and police in Everman, where the family lived, say they believe the boy is dead, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

After police began asking about him, his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, and stepfather, Arshdeep Singh, boarded a flight to India with six of her children. Noel was not with them.

“We do know she was adamant about the Santa Muerte and believed she was part of the religion of Asante Morte that worshipped him,” Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer told KDFW, which recorded a video with a glimpse of a shrine in the shed where the family lived.

“In this case it’s very important. She idolizes Santa Muerte. It’s everywhere within the shed. It was everywhere within the home, it was on her vehicle, so it was pretty evident to us she was idolizing and worshiping,” said Spencer. “Essentially he is the patron saint that offers protection to the cartel and those kinds of activities.”

.Previously, investigators said that cadaver dogs had alerted to the ground under the shed. Now, they say they’re analyzing data and have executed more than a dozen search warrants.

“Essentially the investigative team is trying to immerse themselves in the lives of Cindy and Arshdeep, and the family over the last six months to find out every move they made, try to figure out what their patterns were because we have to identify what was different, what kinds of anomalies occurred in their life and figure out what caused those anomalies, most likely the death of Noel,” the chief said.

Investigators are preparing for their next searches and could begin this weekend.

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[Featured image: Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, left, and Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez/Everman Police Department]