Body Bags: Unearthed: A Vegas Crime Hidden in Concrete | The Esmeralda Gonzalez Story

In this episode of “Body Bags,” hosts Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack examine the chilling case of Esmeralda Gonzalez, a young Instagram model whose life ended tragically in Las Vegas.

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Missing model found strangled & injected with pool cleaner, sealed in concrete: Docs

They dissect the perpetrator’s elaborate cover-up involving a U-Haul, 300 pounds of Quickcrete, lime, and a large water tank, revealing the peculiarities of a crime scene that mirrors a Hollywood thriller.

Morgan and Mack also discuss the harsh reality of forensics as it unravels the effects of the desert environment on human remains, the recovery of the victim’s jewelry, and the painstaking process of identification.

[Feature Photo: Christopher Prestipino; Police Handout/ Esmeralda Gonzalez; Facebook]