Alex Murdaugh Wants Dead Housekeeper’s Sons to Pay Back His $4 Million Judgment

On Tuesday, the estate of Alex Murdaugh’s deceased housekeeper responded to a motion filed by Muradaugh’s attorney which has sought to vacate a 2021 confession of judgment that paid the estate $4.3 million.

According to Greenville News, Murdaughs’ attorneys claimed they wanted the judgment vacated because Murdaugh lied to insurance adjusters about the circumstances surrounding Gloria Satterfield’s death. Murdaugh recently filed a court document in which he admitted that the story about Satterfield tripping on their dogs was fake.

Satterfield, died three weeks after she apparently fell on the Murdaughs’ property in 2018. However, there were reportedly no witnesses or evidence of the dogs being in the vicinity.

Murdaugh’s legal team asserted that Saterfield’s family is not entitled to a payout if Murdaugh’s claims are lies. As a result, Satterfield’s family should be included as co-defendants in other civil cases against Murdaugh — in which they would be ordered to pay back this money, according to Greenville News.

Murdaugh’s legal team also contended that the confession of judgment was “symbolic” as Murdaugh only did no to admit to his crimes and to not actually pay out $4.3 million. His attorneys said Satterfield’s estate has received $7.5 million in judgments that they are not entitled to.

“The confessed judgment only harms Mr. Murdaugh’s other victims. The Satterfield family alleges Mr. Murdaugh stole approximately $4.3 million from them. The truth is that he stole it from [insurance companies] Lloyd’s of London and Nautilus,” Murdaugh’s lawyers wrote, according to Greenville News.

In March, Murdaugh received two consecutive life sentences for killing Paul and Maggie Murdaugh at the family’s property in Colleton County. He has appealed his convictions. He is still facing a slew of charges for allegedly defrauding his former law firm and a slew of clients.

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[Featured image: Gloria Satterfield/handout and Alex Murdaugh/Facebook]