A young nurse, separated from her husband, joins friends and co-workers for an evening out after their shift.

She’s standing alone as her friends dance when she’s approached by a well-dressed man. They dance and then continue their conversation. He says his name is Bob White and would like to see the nurse again. She agrees and a few days later, the pair meet at a local coffee bar-type restaurant.

A few strange comments, and a few odd questions later, the nurse realizes she has made a mistake. Her contact with this strange man must end. Then, the nurse makes a stunning discovery. Bob White is really Dennis Rader.

Gina Rodriguez is the nurse and she joins Nancy Grace to tell her story of how she met and survived BTK, the sadistic serial killer that held Wichita and the nation captive in a decades-long nightmare.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

Dale Carson – High-profile Criminal Defense Attorney (Jacksonville), Former FBI Agent, and Former Police Officer (Miami-Dade County); Author: “Arrest-Proof Yourself;” Twitter: @DaleCarsonLaw
Sheryl McCollum – Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder, CSI, and Host of “Zone 7” podcast; Twitter: @149Zone7
Sheriff Eddie Virden– Osage County Sheriff’s Office; Assembled the BTK task force

Additional Guests

  • Gina Rodriguez – Had a coffee date with BTK in Wichita in February 1974
  • Dr. Joni Johnston – Forensic Psychologist and Private Investigator (performs risk and threat assessments on violent offenders); Author: “Serial Killers: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask”

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[Feature Photo: Dennis Rader in 2013/Kansas Department of Corrections]