‘House of horrors’: Man allegedly molested eight foster kids, performed oral sex on dog in their presence

A man testified Wednesday that his adoptive father threatened to murder him if he didn’t accept his sexual advances.

Taking in more than 140 boys in a 20-year span, Cesar Gonzales-Mugaburu, 60, is accused of molesting eight kids he had in his care. According to the New York Daily News, the 29-year-old witness, who was about 10 when he moved into the Ridge, New York, home, said his foster father physically and verbally abused him.

While the man described Gonzales-Mugaburu as “friendly” and a jokester, home life took a sick turn when the foster father allegedly took him to the master bedroom and played gay porn.

The man said Gonzales-Mugaburu would tell him: “You’re disabled. You’re mentally retarded. You’re not going to get nowhere in life.”

Prosecutor Laurie Moroff called the residence a “house of horrors,” where eight children were victimized for seven years. In addition, to sexually assaulting the boys, Gonzales-Mugaburu allegedly sexually abused a dog in front of a child, made them eat off the floor, and made them ask permission to do anything, CBS New York reported.

“They lived in fear. They were afraid. They don’t function as you and I would function. They have low IQs and disabilities,” Moroff said.

Though the 60-year-old was charged with predatory sexual assault against a child, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life, prosecutors claimed statute of limitation laws prevented them from bringing forth additional charges.

Newsday also reported that two Manhattan brothers, now 12 and 14, claimed that Gonzales-Mugaburu didn’t molest them but he often made crude jokes. The older brother said he caught his foster father performing oral sex on a dog in the bedroom.

Defense attorney Donald Mates Jr. attempted to poke holes in the brothers’ credibility by questioning the younger sibling about his disciplinary history and the older sibling about his psychiatric history. Mates stated the witnesses’ stories aren’t credible and his client is innocent.

The Ridge man faces life in prison.

[Featured Image: New York Police Department]