SEE IT: Wounded Vegas Shooting survivor reunites with the stranger who saved his life

A festivalgoer who was shot in the leg during Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas reunited Tuesday with the man who he says saved his life.

Speaking with Today, Tom McIntosh said he had helped his wife and another woman over a fence when he was shot in the leg.

“My pants were already soaked and my shoe was full of blood,” McIntosh told Today.

McIntosh was bleeding out when James Lawson, a fellow concertgoer, corrected a makeshift tourniquet and escorted him to the hospital.

Today noted that the Good Samaritan has been in the Army Reserve for more than a decade and is certified as an emergency medical technician.

“It [the belt] was the completely wrong spot,” Lawson said. “I walked up there and he was actively bleeding, so I adjusted the belt, got it up where it should be, tightened it down. We stopped the bleeding and we hung out there for 10-15 minutes and some savior in a pickup truck came.”

While en route to the hospital, Lawson talked to McIntosh to ensure that the critically-wounded man stayed awake.

The Vegas man still has a bullet lodged in his calf and might have to undergo surgery. Fortunately, McIntosh is expected to survive—and he credits Lawson’s quick thinking with saving his life.

“No, I wouldn’t have made it. I know it [the bleeding] wouldn’t have stopped. I’m very thankful that James was there to help me,” he said.

[Featured Image: Today (screenshot)]