Husband accused of mutilating wife and stuffing her in cooler while living in storage unit is a suspect in another death

A man accused of mutilating his dead wife in Kansas City and living with her body parts in a storage unit is a suspect in an apparent killing in California, the Visalia Times-Delta reports.

Prosecutors earlier this week charged Justin Tod Rey with murder in connection to the death of Sean Ty Ferel, who was reported missing in May 2016.

Ferel was last seen vacationing with Rey, whom police located after he got into a traffic accident while driving Ferel’s vehicle in August 2016 in Los Angeles.

Police had found traces of blood in the car’s trunk and confirmed that it was Feral’s months later. Investigators subsequently discovered that Rey was holding onto Ferel’s personal possessions, including a GPS, cell phones, a wallet, credit cards, letters, medications, electronics and laptops.

Surveillance video shows Rey using Ferel’s credit card multiple times, including at least one occasion in which Rey wore a disguise. Ferel’s friends said text messages they supposedly received from him had changed and they suspected someone else was sending them.

His body has yet to be found.

Rey is in custody in a Kansas jail in connection with this wife’s death. He is accused of dismembering Jessica Monteiro Rey in a Kansas City hotel before transporting her body parts to nearby storage unit.

Rey has given conflicting statements about how his wife died. He’s claimed that she died giving birth in October, died after giving birth and also that she killed herself after giving birth. The suspect told police that after his wife’s death, he put her on a bed and took pictures of her alongside the newborn and another young child.

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Rey then allegedly dissected his wife’s body in a bathtub in the presence of his chidlren. He placed some of her body parts in a cooler, while using a stove to boil parts that would not fit in the cooler and also flushing some remains down a toilet.

Police discovered the woman’s body parts Oct. 24 at the storage facility. Medical crews examined the children and brought them to a hospital. The baby had an eye infection and didn’t have sufficient clothing, court records state. Investigators found human issue in the bathtub train and detected traces of blood throughout the hotel room.

Rey has a previous criminal record, including arrests for minor violations in Arizona such as driving without a valid license and theft.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]