Boy, 14, accused of sexually assaulting classmate in what police are calling the ‘most vicious’ case they’ve seen

A 14-year-old boy is facing criminal charges for allegedly raping a female classmate in the stairwell of their Warren, Michigan, high school.

According to WDIV, Khymani Jamal Tolbert is accused of raping a freshman girl at Lincoln High School on November 28. Officials revealed that the entire incident was caught on school surveillance cameras.

Authorities claimed that cameras caught the girl fighting Tolbert off for at least 25 minutes before Tolbert raped her in a stairwell, according to Macomb Daily.

“This is probably the saddest, most vicious case I’ve seen,” Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer commented.

“The most violent case I’ve seen–that brutal, as far as heinous, monstrous.”

WJBK reported that prosecutors revealed Tolbert was on felony probation when the alleged rape occurred. Macomb Daily indicated that the teen was on probation for stealing a car.

Prosecutors also accused the teen of tossing evidence when being questioned about the attack.

“That shows his brazen nature and his willingness to continue to violate other students at the school,” the prosecution argued while requesting the teen be remanded to a juvenile facility.

In a statement, the police commissioner claimed the victim was traumatized by the unthinkable assault.

“This was a violent, vicious attack on a female student. It was brutal, heinous, monstrous, and shocking to veteran law enforcement detectives in Warren,” Dwyer continued.

“The entire Warren Police Department extends its sympathy and support for the victim and her family.”

On Tuesday, authorities charged Tolbert–as an adult‒with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and unlawful imprisonment. He faces life in prison if convicted.

Tolbert is due back in court on December 14.

[Featured Image: Khymani Jamal Tolbert/Warren Police Department]